CO2 Jets & Flame Projectors

Special Effects


Take your event to the next level with safe, legal and unique effects

CO2 Jets & CO2 Guns

CO2 jets are one of the most sought after effects to raise excitement at any event or concert. This system produces a large white plume of thick white cooling smoke that can be shot repeatedly and is programmable to fire in any sequence. As the only substance used being Co2 (Carbon Dioxide), no permit is required to operate this system.

We also have hand-held Co2 guns that add a special factor to your event. The system is fitted into a backpack making it portable and mobile.

Flame Projectors

Columns of fire and flames aren’t exclusive to movie sets. With our fire projectors, any event can have fire starters, with columns of fire or vertical fireballs fired throughout your event. This programmable system is designed with indoor use in mind, so whether to warm up the night skies or fire-up the energy in the room, this system it is safe to use for both indoor and outdoor venue. All our work complies with the Fire and Safety standards of all national municipalities and city by-laws.

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