Our Services

Products to make any event exceptional

Starburst not only specialises in impressive fireworks displays, but spectacular indoor spectacles making use of everything from CO2 Jets to Confetti. It is our goal to augment any event and work alongside you to provide optimal service. 

Fireworks Displays


Our firework displays evoke an emotion like no other. Our intricate mixture of light, colour and sound will truly make any event, large or small, unique and distinct.  

Pyrotechnics Displays


Our Indoor displays manage to capture the exuberance and excitement of our outdoor fireworks. Use our safe and tested fireworks in close proximity for a magical touch to your event.

CO2 Jets & Flame Projectors


Using CO2 Jets and Flame Projectors, you can add a distinct feeling of wonder to any event. From parties, sports events, weddings to socials – our product can be used in a variety of situations. Using state of the art systems as well as the best trained staff – our services offer a safe, legal and inspiring experience.  

Confetti & Streamers


Confetti and Streamers bring all the excitement of outdoor fireworks. These effects can be used in any setting with minimal setup. Enhance your events with visually striking visuals and experiences.