Fireworks Displays

A Symphony of Light

Starburst Pyrotechnics with our unparalleled brand of passion, talent and vast experience earned over the last decades, combines real skill and creativity to produce an all-encompassing experience to enthral and stimulate the senses with masterpieces of light and sound in the night skies.

We use state of the art computer controlled firing systems to set your “dreams in the skies” to have the wonder of music, synchronised in perfect unison to produce an all-enveloping surround sound pyro-musical experience, second to none. The audience feel they are in the show rather than watching from a distance.

Our displays are high-quality and professional, planned to the smallest detail. We consult with our clients to create a carefully choreographed fireworks display that fits the specific theme and setting of the event you are hosting. 

Our Process

As a leading fireworks display company, we are passionate about perfection. Your theme becomes our mission. From creative concept through site survey and safety planning, budget review, permit application, soundtrack development, selection of fireworks technology and techniques, setting computer-based timing and choreography, and flawless execution of the entire fireworks display, the Starburst team ensures your peace of mind.