What is Pyrotechnics

What’s the difference between pyrotechnics and fireworks displays?

The difference between fireworks and pyrotechnics (or Pyro)  is that pyro can be used in much closer proximity to the public due to the more controllable nature of the product. Pyro produces very low or zero debris making it the ideal material to use around most venues that can be utilised for dramatic effect.

Pyro is best for displays near people (sports, concerts, celebrations)

Traditional outdoor fireworks are not the only displays that can emotionally move an audience. Indoor fireworks can also have the same sensational, wow effect but using specialised purposed built pyrotechnics.

Starburst Pyrotechnics is a leader in indoor pyrotechnic and special effects products which have been specifically engineered for use close to audiences and structures.

Why Use Pyrotechnics?

These products have been created and tested for consistent and accurate performance, and discharge low smoke with little to no fallout/debris.The pyrotechnics we use are made in the Europe (LE Maitre) and USA (RES Specialty Pyrotechnics & NextFX).

They are used extensively in theme parks, music concerts, and indoor venues. 

Indoor pyrotechnics and special effects available on the market can add the finishing touch to your indoor event.

Our Pyrotechnics

Our team has vast experience in creating mesmerising indoor displays.

We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and then tailor a solution to their event requirements and wishes by evaluating the event/venue size, selecting the appropriate effects and coordinating with the venue and fire authorities.