Pyrotechnicians are people responsible for the safe storage, handling, and functioning of pyrotechnic devices.

We are fully licensed in:

Special Effects

Our Safety Policy

Pyrotechnics are dangerous and and are classified as explosives under the National Explosives Act and must be handled and used correctly. Recently, several high-profile incidents involving pyrotechnics have re-enforced the need to respect these explosives at all times and this emphasises the fact that all fireworks displays are to be performed by licensed pyrotechnic companies.

Our qualified Pyrotechnicians are thoroughly trained and are registered with the South African Police Services’ Explosive division. Starburst assumes responsibility for the actions of our staff and has a zero tolerance

policy with regards to the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking

Careful planning, attention to detail and a strong commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety in the industry, help to ensure a high standard of safety. Starburst is fully licensed in all three categories of pyrotechnics – Fireworks, Stage and Special Effects.

Proximate pyrotechnics is an area of expertise that requires additional training in the use of devices- specifically manufactured for indoor, close proximity use – beyond that of other professional pyrotechnics techniques.

All indoor and outdoor displays are controlled and regulated by the South African Police Services’ Explosive division. Public displays must obtain written permission from the South African Police Chief of Explosives as well as the Chief of Fire and Safety of the respective municipality that the display will be taking place, and sonly issued once all safety concerns have been met. With every single display all necessary documentation and permits are obtained for every show prior to the event taking place. 

Our prime directive is the safety of both the audience and our workers at all times.