© Photo by Jim Shih – Sunny Fireworks distributed in South Africa by Starburst Pyrotechnics

Why choose Starburst

A Starburst-produced fireworks display is a long-remembered emotional experience that titillates your senses: the "whoomp" of a shell shooting through the heavens flip-flopping your stomach with rushing butterflies; the sprays and splatters of colour and light filling your vision, the "booms and bangs" rocking your feet; the pulsation of power and force surging through your body, the gasps, "oohs" and "aahs" of sheer amazement.

Your audience will be spellbound by the sheer wonderment of a Starburst fireworks display. We are the leaders in the fireworks business in South Africa. We have been established since 1943 and put on more than 100 productions each year. We have fired displays on land, on sea, in the middle of a lake, from the tops of buildings and in indoor venues. We are one of the few companies that can provide a full indoor display and outdoor fireworks display choreographed to music.

Why Choose Starburst To Do Your Display?

No other company of our scale dedicates itself entirely to display fireworks. Our best sales tools are the opinions of those who have used our services. Some of those testimonials are attached and while they represent the quality of our work, they also provide us with the greatest reward - the pride of producing spectacular displays.

As direct importers, we have the advantage over our competitors in the quality and variety of fireworks we are able to provide. We do not rely on local distributors for our fireworks.

Every display is treated as a new challenge; we do not have set packages. Our approach is always flexible and friendly and you can be sure of our personal attention and an original display expertly designed to get the best for your audience from the budget and site available.

We consistently offer imagination and quality performances and at the same time our highest standard of professionalism and an acute awareness of safety requirements.

Professional Service & Personal Service

“It was a pleasure dealing with a company that conducts themselves in such a professional way. We shall definitely make use of Starburst Pyrotechnics in future and not hesitate to recommending you where possible” Mr. Rod Walker - Sun International

“I can unequivocally recommend this company, and their personnel, to provide a professional service and a spectacular display, no matter what size of Event you may be planning”. Mr. Francis Savy – Executive Producer Miss World Pageant - Seychelles

“The fireworks display which we have done together with the orchestra have been beautifully choreographed to the music” – Mr. Richard Cock.

“.. it is always reassuring to be in the hands of a true professional. Your team are the best pyrotechnics specialist in South Africa” – Mr. Ian Young - Global Resorts SA (Pty) Ltd.

“….the Pon family who are the best Pyrotechnician in SA” – Mr. Clem Sunter.

Personal Service

Is there a word to describe the absolute incredible show we had on Saturday? WOW…..Not to mention your personnel – they are highly professional and really did an excellent job” Riette Engelbrecht – Free State Cheetahs

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality fireworks, personal attention and professional service. We do not "out source" work as we do not believe in leaving displays in the hands of "freelance operators" whose standard may be erratic. Our key workers are employed on a full-time basis and are all pyrotechnicians. We are one of the few companies that work exclusively on a full-time basis.

International Links

We frequently work with overseas fireworks display companies and regularly provide support to fireworks display companies in USA, Germany and the UK. In 1999, we participated in the Benson & Hedges International Fireworks competition in Montreal as a member of the USA team. We have also attended the 5th International Fireworks Symposium in Naples (Italy), 6th International Fireworks Symposium in Orlando (USA), 7th International Fireworks Symposium in Valencia (Spain) and the 8th International Fireworks Symposium in Kyoto (Japan). We are members of the Pyrotechnical Guild, SA, Professional Pyrotechnicians Association SA, and are corporate members of the South African Fireworks Importers and Dealers Association and the Technical Production Services Association, SA.

State of the Art Firing System.

We use the most advance cutting edge technology, firing system in South Africa. We use a Smart Fire to shoot all our displays.

The Smart Fire Pyrotechnic Firing System is the most powerful computerized firing system available. It was designed for large volume display companies that need a reliable and flexible system to meet a variety of display requirements. The Smart Show software offers all of the power expected in a high-end digital scripting and firing system. It uses cutting edge technology for reliable transmission and precise 1/100 second firing.

Direct Importers

We are direct importers of fireworks and we select and import quality fireworks for our displays. We do not rely on local distributors and importers. We are direct importers of fireworks from Sunny International - USA, RES Specialty Pyrotechnics - USA, Monetti SRL – Spain and Le Maitre, United Kingdom.

We proudly support the Pyrotechnics Guild International, dedicated to fireworks artistry, safety and skill
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